Dive deep into the captivating world of crime with "Tales From The Underworld." We are more than just a publication; we're a contemporary beacon for those who possess an insatiable curiosity for unraveling the mysteries behind society's shadowy corners.

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While we honor the legacy of timeless tales of outlaws and rogues from bygone eras, our sights are set firmly on the present and the future. Our vision? To evolve "Tales From The Underworld" into today's quintessential Detective Magazine. With each issue, we aim to redefine detective and crime journalism, blending classic intrigue with modern-day narratives.

What We Offer

  • Weekly Releases: Stay informed and engaged with our weekly dispatches that delve into unique and meticulously researched crime stories.

  • Broad Spectrum: Whether it's the tales of ancient outlaws, shadowy mobsters of the 20th century, or the intricate plots of contemporary crime, we've got it all curated for you.

  • Exclusive Access: By subscribing, you're not just staying updated; you're gaining access to some of the finest true crime stories, many of which are reserved exclusively for our dedicated readers.

Journey with us as we continue to shine a light on the enigmatic, the hidden, and the untold. Become a part of our ever-growing community and feed your intrigue like never before.

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True crime publication chronicling some of histories more infamous and lesser-known serial killers, criminals, gangsters, bandits, outlaws, and unsolved mysteries of the past. New articles regularly.


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I'm a lover of all things mysterious and unexplained. Have experienced some clashes with crime in my life - including an uncle murdered by a serial killer. I'm also a fan of history and any type of historical mystery.
Founder of AmericanMafiaHistory.com and launching soon, Michael Donatello novels. Documenting the writer's life from complete newb to published fiction author.
I am Kate. A professional writer in essay writing, True crime script writing and book blurb. I am here to write you some interesting and intriguing stories that have caught the attention of many. Let's get it right on it.
True crime obsessed amateur detective. I am most fascinated by unsolved cases, and I enjoy crafting theories of my own. One day, I'll build up the confidence to submit one of my theories to law enforcement. Until then, you can find me here!
Lover and writer of True Crime, History and The Paranormal. My other interests involve running, reading, practicing yoga, exploring forests, derelict graveyards, and even joining in on the occassional ghost hunting expedition!
Historical true crime chronicling some of the more infamous and lesser-known serial killers, criminals, gangsters, bandits, outlaws, and unsolved mysteries of the past. New articles regularly.