Want to Write for Us?

Do you have an affinity for learning about and researching topics that can then be turned into a gripping narrative? Are you someone who has a strong interest in writing about the seedier elements of society? If so, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic writers who share our passion for research and storytelling. Topics include organized crime, the prohibition era, outlaws of the Old West, high-profile robberies, kidnappings, murders, and other relevant places and events.

We are also seeking writers with knowledge and experience writing about true crime, serial killers, disappearances and missing people, cold cases, and other unsolved mysteries involving foul play. 

Tales From the Underworld is focused on exploring unique and little-known aspects of individuals and figures from the past. As such, we are not interested in a simple Wikipedia-style bio. We strive to bring our readers interesting angles and substance that make our subjects more captivating.

The Role

  • If we select you as a writer, we will send you the topics we would like you to write about, and include specific details we would like you to highlight.

  • True crime topics are selected around a monthly theme. We look for topics that are interesting and not too well known.

  • We are flexible on the length of the story, provided all relevant information and details are included. Normally our articles tend to be between 800 to 1,100 words.


  • Expert level writing ability in English.

  • Ability to research true crime topics and find a compelling narrative to tell.

  • Ideally, we are looking for writers who enjoy finding a unique angle to a story rather than a Wikipedia copy and paste. We are also looking for YOUR thoughts and words.

  • Must be able to write on your own. We are looking for writers that keep the use of AI to a bare minimum. The difference between a good writer and someone who is using AI too much is quite obvious and noticeable.

  • Past experience writing about true crime events. (Please submit samples of previous work.)


  • You have an existing true crime audience.


We are still a relatively new publication, and we are continuing to grow. As such, we are currently paying $30 per article. However, we are looking to become fully monetized this year and are looking for dedicated writers to grow along with us. We will be happy to compensate those who help us grow.

This is a long-term work opportunity. We will continue to send you more projects as long as quality work is delivered each time.

To be considered as a writer, please email your contact info and a writing sample to inquiries@tftunderworld.com.

Company Details

We are a historical crime-based publication seeking talented writers who are passionate about crafting compelling stories that keep our readers wanting more. Some of the topics that we specialize in at Tales From the Underworld are Organized Crime, True Crime, Unsolved and Cold Cases, Disappearances, Serial Killers, Heists, Robberies, and more.